Frequently Asked Questions about Becoming an Instructor

FMNP Instructor applications will be determined according to (i) individual qualifications, (ii) the appropriateness and sufficiency of any sponsor organization, (iii) Instructor openings, and (iv) the mission and educational delivery needs of the FMNP.

Must Lead Instructors be affiliated with an organization?

Yes. Lead Instructor applicants must be affiliated with an organization that will serve as a Training Facility to support the FMNP conceptually and physically (classroom for 24 students, AV equipment that can project PowerPoint presentations and videos).

Who reviews my application?

Instructor applications are reviewed by appropriate FMNP staff and may be reviewed by certified FMNP Instructors from the applicant's FMNP Region. If staff review is positive, the application will be forwarded to the FMNP Governing Board (GB) for a vote. The applicant is approved if the majority of the GB votes in favor of the applicant.

As an FMNP Instructor, am I required to teach an FMNP class each year?

As an FMNP Lead Instructor, you are expected to schedule and provide FMNP training (40-hr module) at least once per calendar year – flexibility exists in how classes are scheduled.

Can I build a team of FMNP Instructors to teach classes?

Yes. FMNP Instructor teams are an excellent way to provide excellent classes. All FMNP Instructors must have minimum qualifications, apply and be accepted, attend Instructor Orientation, and be registered as Instructors with the FMNP.

Do FMNP Instructors receive financial compensation?

Financial compensation is provided to the FMNP Training Facility (typically not to individuals), and is currently established at $75/student.

Can different FMNP Teams/Training Locations teach classes together?

Yes, FMNP Instructors from different organizations are encouraged to collaborate and assist each other in any and every way possible. This includes teaching classes together. In these cases, the Instructors inform us how they wish the financial incentives distributed.

Can FMNP Instructors invite guest lecturers?

Yes, Instructors may have guest lecturers provide additional information, but this does not substitute for requirements for the FMNP Lead Instructor to ensure all required FMNP presentations and videos are provided to the class. Only FMNP Instructors should provide the FMNP presentations except under special circumstances which should be discussed with the FMNP Program Coordinator or Program Leader.

Can FMNP Instructors have local experts lead field trips?

Yes, Instructors may establish partnerships with local experts (e.g., park ranger) to assist during field trips, but the FMNP Instructors should still take an active role in discussing local habitats, asking students questions, and assisting students in the process of learning.

Can we schedule more than 3 field trips?

Each FMNP core module has 3 required field trips to representative ecosystems. Additional field trips may be scheduled as an option at the discretion of the Instructors, but additional field trips cannot be made mandatory. Because additional field trips are optional, Instructors can charge a fee as necessary (e.g., to cover canoe rental). If an additional optional field trip is planned, we encourage Instructors to post this information on their course schedule.

What are the requirements for FMNP Students to graduate from a course?

Students are allowed to miss one class day, but otherwise must attend all classes and field trips and complete the final project to be certified. If students miss more than one class, we ask that they make arrangements with the Instructor to attend another FMNP class or make up the class work they missed. These arrangements are at the Instructor’s discretion and approval and may be discussed with the FMNP Program Leader.

How do I market my class?

Instructors have primary responsibility for promoting their classes (newsletters, mail outs, brochures, displays, hand-outs, public talks). The FMNP Program Office provides various marketing materials to FMNP Instructors to assist with this process (also available on the Instructor page of the FMNP website) and the FMNP Program Coordinator markets all classes to FMNP Listserves.

How far in advance should I post my course schedule on the FMNP website?

We recommend posting your FMNP course schedule with the FMNP Conference Coordinator at least 8 weeks prior to the beginning of the course. Registration closes one week prior to the first class date to allow time for FMNP class materials, patches, and pins to be mailed to the Instructor.

Additional questions should be directed to the FMNP State Office:

For FMNP questions or media requests:
Shelly Johnson
FMNP Program Coordinator
Phone: 352-294-0757
Fax: 352-392-5113

For student registrations or financial issues:
Shelby Sowder
FMNP Conference Coordinator
Phone: 352-392-5930
FAX: 352-392-9734