Student Resources

Welcome to the FMNP Student Resources page. On this page we have provided resources that you may find useful before, during and after taking an FMNP course.

Share your FMNP Story:

Has your participation in the Florida Master Naturalist Program impacted your life (and/or your community) in ANY way?

For example:

  • assisted in your career goals
  • helped you meet new friends or colleagues
  • expanded your volunteer opportunities
  • given you personal fulfillment
  • inspired you to make a change or take action
  • provided you with the knowledge to implement science-based conservation

Are there some memorable course projects, chapter events, or graduates that demonstrate the positive impacts of the FMNP?

Whether you have only taken 1 course or all 8, we’d love to hear your story!

We are working on a project to document as many impacts as possible (nothing is too small!), direct or indirect, because of your involvement in the FMNP. Please SHARE YOUR STORY here.

Share Your FMNP Story!