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Florida Master Naturalist Program

Florida Master Naturalist Program

CEUs and In-Service Credit

Professional organizations have awarded CEU credit for FMNP classes. However, this determination is up to your organization to decide. Resources are provided below for you and your organization to aid in the certification process.

Teachers throughout Florida have received in-service credits from their school districts for continuing education requirements by taking Florida Master Naturalist Program (FMNP) classes. FMNP Core Module classes are 40 contact hours each. A total of 120 credits could be obtained by taking all three modules. The FMNP curriculum supplements the Florida Sunshine State Standards and student workbooks and other materials can be used in the classroom. In addition, FMNP videos can be purchased for use in the classroom. Student final projects can be incorporated into school curriculum and other educational programs.

Active Teachers

Teachers must contact their school district human resources department to apply for in-service credit, as each school district has their own certification procedures.

Inactive Teachers

Inactive teachers may still be awarded in-service credits for taking FMNP classes. Contact your local school district’s human resources office to find out if they will accept inactive teachers in their area into their recertification program and if they accept FMNP classes for credit.

State law requires that the Florida Department of Education (DOE) only accept in-service credits that have been approved and submitted through a school district. DOE cannot award in-service credits directly. Additional information, including other options for renewal, is available on the DOE Educator Certification website.

Resources to take to your school district:

*If your most recent course(s) do not display in the Graduate Database, please reach out to the FMNP Program Assistants at We are happy to provide any necessary documentation/confirmation of your graduate status as our Database is under construction. 

For more information or questions, contact

photo of two baby owls poking their heads out of a bird house

reddish egret with a fish in his beak

closeup photo of a monarch butterfly on a small tree limb

photo of an anhinga with his head poking out of the water and a fish in his mouth